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    and start doing real business. We offer comprehensive support
    helping you to market-launch your products in China.
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    We will ensure that your products are manufactured
    to the required quality standards.
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    We offer warehouse facilities and office space
    in China for your business.
Professional support for your business in China – both sales and manufacturing

4BIZ B2B has been manufacturing and trading in China since 2003 – and you can benefit from our wealth of experience.

Logistics, certifications, packaging

We organize shipping between the Czech Republic and China (including customs clearance). We will arrange the necessary certification allowing you to sell your products on the Chinese market, and we can package your products to comply with Chinese import regulations.

Registered offices in China

We are a part of NEW FUTURE GROUP, based in the city of Xiamen in south-east China – where we have our own offices and warehouse facilities. We can represent your business in China directly from our Xiamen office, boosting your image as a trusted partner in the eyes of potential customers.

Since 2003

We have a wealth of experience on the Chinese market. We have successfully overcome many obstacles while doing business in China, so we know how to solve problems. We can reduce your exposure to risk and help you minimize costs.

Selling in China

China is a highly specific market – with its own unique customs, traditions, rules, administrative hurdles, as well as cultural and linguistic barriers… Take advantage of our extensive local knowledge and experience – we’ll help you to avoid any potential cultural and commercial issues.

Manufacturing in China

We can supervise the manufacture of your products in China, ensuring that the required quality standards are met. We will deliver your goods to you on a turnkey basis.


We run seminars on doing business in China, which will answer any questions you might have. Participation free of charge.